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Discover your goal

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Discover your goalDiscover your goalDiscover your goalDiscover your goal

Discover your goal

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Discover Your Goal is translation of the author's most successful book. In a simple and loving way, the book presents many understood and solved stories from the author’s counseling practice and her personal life, stories that are real and are inviting the readers to rethink their life. It is a general insight into understanding life as a path and the opportunity to express ourselves. Life is full of opportunities and lessons. Our life is the result of the highest creation of each of us. Zdenka says: “Don’t give up – create! Each one of us has our own unique task to do, which on some level we know. If so far you are not feeling fulfilled, move on. Keep on moving on until you find yourself excited about and fascinated by your potential. Express yourself! Each of your thoughts is part of the thoughts of all people. Every one of your thoughts creates and influences the world. That is why you are an important part of this world. You have something to say and the world is waiting for you! Discover your goal! Become the star of your life! Walk in your own light and others will join you too!


Coincidences Don't Happen By Chance
Let me tell you a story…
Once I had an appointment for a checkup with my dentist.  After I was shown into her office…  Just so you understand, my dentist is a serious lady and an excellent doctor.  She has a little bit of a tendency to continuously complain about the world around her, and really doesn’t like hearing anything about the possibility that the way she is doing things could have anything to do with what happens to her.  She is very skeptical in regards to making changes in her life.  She’s a firm believer in “medications.”  She knows what I do for a living and I think that it interests her very much, but she has a problem accepting the simplicity of certain things.  Most of all, I think that she simply “likes” her problems and, after all, medications are medication.  So…
…I step into her office and my dear dentist is lying on her delightful dentist’s chair.  She has a wet towel on her forehead and says: “Ms. Jordánová, I think I’ll finally let you unblock me.”  What an honor, I say to myself and wait to see what happens next because the tone of her voice is rather curious and is resonating with an unusual color.  Do you know that feeling when you’re experiencing something extraordinary and a unique feeling of oneness and matter-of-factness sweeps over you in spite of the fact that everything seems so completely unbelievable at the same time?  “Picture this,” she continues, “I had a new patient. She was here for the first time.  I hadn’t met her before.  Before she came in, while treating a man, I cut this finger,” she emphatically displays her left index finger, which is wrapped in bandage.  I wait, full of suspense, for her to continue because I can sense the wonder of the moment.  She breathes in and continues, “I got angry with myself because it’s difficult working with a bandage on.”  In line with her usual custom, she blamed her “awkward finger,” which had become the current source of her problems.  She continues, “Imagine that the new patient comes in and I start telling her about what happened to me and I jokingly offer her my injured finger.  ‘For sale,’ and I present her with the bandaged culprit.  You wouldn’t believe it, Ms. Jordánová, but she looked up at me and put her left hand in front of my eyes and said: ‘Sold.’ - Her left index finger was missing…”
So, my dear friends, there’s no such thing as a coincidence because everything is simply a reaction to our own actions and the Universe is very creative in the ways it informs us of what we have done.  If we're not willing to perceive our “actions,” then we have the feeling that things are just “happening,” or arriving, or coming together by chance, etc..  If my dear dentist willingly offers her own finger (which she herself “injured”) as a problem, then this action, interpreted by universal laws, causes a reaction.  Consequently, she gets the opportunity to see what it would be like being a member of a group of people who don’t have fingers.  The choice is up to you!
Sometimes we are able to perceive/distinguish so-called accidents as the warning signs which they truly are.  They allow us to look into the reality we are now in the process of creating.  But even seeing these signs doesn’t help most people gain understanding.  One Arabian proverb says that if we make a mistake once, it doesn’t mean that we’ll necessarily make it again; but, if we make the same mistake a second time, we’re sure to make it a third time because it has already become entrenched in us.  However, not all of us are willing to learn from our experiences and not all of us are willing to contemplate upon a specific situation that has repeated itself a number of times in life.  Take tripping over the same doorstep for the third time: Some people may ultimately decide to lift their foot, but others will prefer to remove the doorstep.  Then maybe they will start tripping over another doorstep - the option of lifting their foot finally hits them once they realize that the next doorstep can’t be removed.  It could go either way (or even another way altogether), but in both cases it’s important to perceive all the messages around us and integrate them into our lives because all of them are messages about us, for us.
Everything is symbols that we can read from if we are attuned and paying attention.  We can read about our lives.  The city and street we live on, and what kind of neighbors we have aren’t coincidences.  We chose everything either directly through our own decisions or through the stances we take in regard to the experiences we’ve lived through.  I really enjoy paying close attention to the names of not only people, but also of animals and to the acronyms of companies.  I’m not quite sure if I’d entrust my money to a financial agent whose name is Mr. Poor, nor if I’d want to live in a village called Dunghill, where I once saw a banner at the edge of the village encouraging locals to participate in a local beautification activity, “Make Dunghill more beautiful!” 1  My own name is a source of much inspiration because my maiden name was “Moses” and my husband’s name, Jordan, naturally fascinated me as well, along with a host of other things of course about him.  Our children are called Michaela, Matthew and Samuel.  I don’t know, but they just couldn’t have been named differently.  What about the young lady who always had problems with her voice who later married a man named Mr. Whimper and became Mrs. Whimper?  What about Mrs. Wheat whose maiden name was Farmer?  She inherited some fields in Slavetown and doesn’t want to work like a slave on them anymore, but instead to happily make a good honest living out of them.  And how about the environmentalist specializing in rare birds Mr. Sparrow?  What are the private gardening services of Mr. Nettle like?  And what about Mr. Twig, the Director of the Botanical Garden, and his beautiful lectures?  When our house started becoming too damp we called upon the services of a damp-proofing firm.  Upon meeting the firm’s representative, Mr. Littlewater, we tried to explain that there’s probably more than a little water under our house... There are many other fantastic examples which are worth thinking about.  It’s worth your while to find the origin and translations of your names because – and I’m convinced of this – they contain hints about your goal and the life tasks you need to accomplish.  On some level they can clue us in.  So…
Notice everything around you because nothing is a coincidence, it is all simply reactions to our conscious and subconscious actions, all of these are “lessons” and messages for us.
Be attentive to life around you, and notice how, in connection to what is happening, you feel.  The feelings you receive from your body give precise information about your situation, but you have to be aware of them and understand them.  Always take note of what doesn’t seem to “fit in” in a given situation or otherwise seems strange.  All the significant messages in your life are “unusual" in some way.  For example, if we happen to cause ourselves pain, that means that we’ve definitely wasted a great deal of useful information on how to do things differently and we’ve wasted the opportunity to avoid possible pain and suffering…
A few years ago I had a car accident.  I wrecked my car and broke some bones.  This is what happened…  It was during the beginning stages of my work.  I was working with lots of people and I was enthusiastic about the great changes in my life.  People around me were feeling better and I was astounded by how wonderfully it was all working.  One day, my phone rang.  A man asked me if I’d be able to advise him, long distance, on how to find something he had lost.  “We’ll figure something out,” I said.  “What did you lose?”  “Sunglasses,” the man said.  “And they were practically antiques.  I never wore them.  I had them on a little shelf behind a pane of glass and I used to look at them all the time.  They were always in the same spot and then all of a sudden – they were gone.  I’d really like them back…” “A weirdo,” I said to myself, and gave him an appointment for the following week.  It all seemed very strange to me, I just couldn’t get my head around it...  One morning three days later, I was driving in my car heading east.  The sun was shining beautifully…and then all at once the horizon was flooded with gorgeous light and I wasn’t able to see the road.  Everything was shining and then…crash…and all those broken bones…  I didn’t have any sunglasses…
Everything is a symbol.  Learn to understand...


Discover your goal Jordánová, Zdeňka Vodnář 9788074390302 978-80-7439-030-2 vázaná, 169 stran, anglicky, podle originálu Poznej svůj cíl 11 × 10,5 cm 2011

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